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Kooxda TCP-Zhuuoo


Themed cement plaster called TCP is a thermoset plastic composite constructed from many combinations of polymer resins, organic or inert fillers, and fiberglass reinforcements. Metal or plastic frames or embeds engineered to achieve a desired performance from the product being produced are used to secure the TCP to suitable structural substrates. The greatest advantage of a fiberglass composite is the design flexibility it offers to architects, designers and fabricators, and the long-term durability of the material with paintable surfaces or integral colors.













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Guryaha Jirka


• All cement used Type 1 Portland cement meeting all ASTM C 150 requirements.

• All sand conforms to all ASTM C 144 requirements.

• All embossing mortars meet all ASTM C 150 requirements.


• Shall use aggregate that creates high strength properties in concrete (i.e. angular shaped, even gradation, and high quality aggregate material selection)

• Shotcrete may be reinforced with fibers to increase strength (i.e. Glass fibers or Synthetic fibers).

• When high bond strength, improved cohesion, and thicker applied layers are necessary (running water environment), Silica-fume shotcrete shall be used.

• Polymer-Modified shotcrete may be used to increase tensile and flexural strengths, improve bonds, and lower permeability’s.

• Achieve a minimum compressive strength of 4000 psi.


Admixtures maybe used to improve certain characteristics of concrete. All admixtures compliance with the applicable sections of ASTM C 260, C 494 and C 618.

Common admixtures include: fly ash, silica flume, superplasticizers, water retarders, set accelerators, and air entrainment.

Chloride containing admixtures are prohibited if metal is embedded within or reinforcing the rockwork.


• Can be supplied as a Class-A fire rated product thereby making it an excellent choice for most facets of a building's exterior or interior architectural facade nidaamyada.

TCP is also corrosion resistant and can therefore be used in harsh or extreme environments, as long as all steel reinforcing bars have coverage of 25-50mm on each side.

Advantage tartanka

• Waxaa lagu soo saari karaa qaab kasta, qaybo ka mid ah waa la farsamayn karaa. Qallooca, feeraha, jiingadaha ama qaybaha daloolin ayaa ah qaar ka mid ah fursadaha.

• Waxa laga yaabaa in lagu bixiyo qalab dhammaystiran oo kala duwan - siman ama la qurxiyey oo midabyo kala duwan leh ama dusha sare ee darajada rinjiga diyaarsan.

Waa mid ka mid ah kuwa ugu xoogga badan dhammaan qalabka dhismaha with strength characteristics consistent with FRP, steel or aluminum.

• Provides a long service life as this durable material will stand-up to decades of harsh weather. Although readily painted, color can be integral to the wet mix thus providing a low maintenance, long-lasting product.

• Can be made to be lightweight therefore requiring less labor and lighter supporting structures or substrates, thus reducing the cost of construction and installation thereby speeding up construction if light weight material such as foam is substituted for sand.

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